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Thread: Primo Var Cycle

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    Primo Var Cycle

    Sup guys, I started a var/primo cycle awhile ago and I started getting sick after taking the var after about week 6 so I stopped taking it but continued with the primo. My gains were going great up until then. I was up a good 10lb but once I stopped the var the gains slowly stopped and actually have reversed on me. I have been dropping weight for a while now. I think it might be fat because I have been taking pics and I do notice i'm more ripped but not much if any size differance. I do not want to drop in size I want to gain more mass. I need to know if I should:

    1. Stop the cycle and do pct and save my left over var for another cycle.

    2. Continue with the Primo cycle and add the Var in again right now. Have about 4 weeks left.

    3. Continue the Primo cycle alone and see how it goes.


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    Primo and var isn't what I'd call a "mass" cycle.

    If gaining mass is your goal, I'd probably run out the primo, do pct of course and then gear up for a mass cycle.

    Perhaps: Dbol / Test E / Deca

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    I would either stop and do pct or get some prop.
    if you want mass primo only is the last thing you should be doing.

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    Well I was up until I stopped the var. I wasn't looking at any huge gains because I knew that wouldn't happen. Was just looking at puttin on some keepable/quality gains. Started off good but so latly been disappointing.

    So I should end or add some prop, probably wont go with the prop due to the eod injects and the pain i've heard about.

    I experienced most of my gains during the first 4-5 weeks of var. Adding it in right now wouldn't do much for me?

    As for a next cycle which will probably be done during the winter will be a mass cycle.

    1-4 dbol
    1-10 or 12 Test E

    Might add in the deca though.

    Thanks guys

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    Primo is good for keeping muscle while on a restricted diet.


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