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    Can I quit my HCG

    I am in week 13 of sustanon and EQ>
    TOday I dropped the sustanon and will continue with EQ for 3 more weeks. I am also starting today winny and prop to run for 6 weeks up until clomid thearpy.
    I started taking HCG 1 month ago at 500 units every third day. It didnt do shit. It brought my balls back some but some but they are still shrunk. I only have 2 bottles left. Should I continue to take 500 units every third day or should I save both 5000 iu bottles for the very end of cycle.
    My nads are shrunk pretty bad, I could continue every third day but than I will only have about 1 bottle left for the end.
    WHat do you suggest I do with my 2 bottles left. I have 6 weeks left of prop and winny than start PCT. I also started tribex today. ( I have to check how long after winny and prop to start clomid)

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    It's supposed to be run from the start to keep the boys alive, not bring um back from the died. I say keep using it, it'll give your body one less thing to recover from during PCT


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    cut dosage to 250iu or less every third day. USE AN AROMATASE INHIBITOR, otherwise negative feedback from estrous production (from HCG spikes) will inhibit normal HPTA resumption.

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    Normally, 500iu E3D is quite sufficient. Maybe your hcg is old? And did you refrigerate it after mixing? Whatever you do, you definitely want some for the end of your cycle. THat is when it is most important.

    BTW the goal is not necessarily to keep the balls functioning at baseline or above... just to keep them functioning a little bit. You want them to be ready to react to the sudden appearance of LH as the hpta recovers. If you go overboard, you can become desensitized to the LH, and recovery will be considerably delayed. Nolva has been shown to decrease desensitization, but you still don't want to go crazy with the hcg. Higher doses are perhaps indicated at cycle's end. Maybe go 250iu/ED or 500, even, or `1000 E3D. Whatever. At any rate, higher doses should not be run over two weeks, and last hcg shot should be about a week before beginning pct.

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