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    1/2 life of Nolva/Adex?

    While on cycle could I run Nolva 20mg Mon/Wed/Fri along with .5mg Adex on the same days? Or should I run 10mg ED and .25 of Adex ED?

    I started my cycle with Dbol but got early gyno signs after just one week. I started 100 mg of nolva ED and 1.5 mg of Adex ED. After about 10 days the syptoms subsided and I just want to take a maintenance dosage for the remainder of the cycle.

    My cycle consists of 500 mg of Test Cyp and 400 mg of Eq per week and Im in the 3rd week. I switched up to 30 mg ED of Superdrol to jump start the cycle and will drop that next week.

    Up 8 lbs so far.

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    run the anti-e's ED L-dex .25mg and Nolva 10mg. The half-life of Nolva is 7 days and L-dex 3 days.......

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