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Thread: Which steroid?

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    Which steroid?

    Which steroid should I use to get bigger and stronger but still don`t want some/ny sideeffects? Is Deca Durabolin good if I buy 8 bottles with 2ml per bottle in 8 weeks? Please give me some advice...

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    Your best bet is to stick around and do lots of research. Read up on drug profiles and determine which ones suit your needs. Use the search button too - there's lots of info out there that deals with your specific topic. Your question can only be answered fully by you, although we can certainly help point you in the right direction. What are your stats (height, weight, bodyfat %, age), goals, and training experience?


    Oh yeah, welcome to the board!

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    Listen to EXCESS - the man knows what hes talking about!

    If you need to ask the question you are not ready to take AS anyway. Besides, almost ALL AS have some kind of side effect but the way they manifest is a personal thing - Some guys will get itchy nipples if they so much as look at a bottle of gear and some take it by the gallon and never feel a thing.

    Do some research and you will know what to do to protect yourself should you suffer any problems with sides.

    Oh yes... Welcome to the board

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