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    Cool Cycle question

    Over the past 2 years, i have taken 2 seperate cycles of just Sust 250 at about 500 mg/week for about 6-8weeks. I have experienced good gains, but I would like to try a stacking cycle although the funds aren't quite there yet. So, my question is, would would be a good or decent Steroid to take by itself with out stacking? at what dosage? and for how long?....... I have done ass tons of research but i'm interested in what ya'll think. Thanks guys

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    Test E 500mg/wk 1-12
    jumpstart with dbol 40mg/day wk 1-4

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARIV3184
    Test E 500mg/wk 1-12
    jumpstart with dbol 40mg/day wk 1-4

    That's definitely a better start. I know you're eager just like we all get. Sometimes its better to take a little bit longer and save up the funds to stack w/ another compound.

    I say to wait a bit and grab some EQ or Deca and run that with the Test. Nice and easy for your cycle. You can just combine the 2 in the same syringe and take a few pinks for the first month or so. You'll love it. Good Luck

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    if u r lookin to only run 1 compound next cycle due to lack of funds make it test... it all starts with that... i wld wait and get enuff cash to run another compound if u r bored with a just test cycle...

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