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Thread: Winny help

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    Winny help

    500mg of test per week for 12 weeks
    300mg of deca per week for 10 weeks
    Winny? do you start it at the end of the test or do you take it through the whole entire cycle?

    How many mg per week and for how many weeks?

    Plus PCT

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    I would start it at the end of the cycle with about 2 weeks left in the test at 50mg ed if you wanted to take. I wouldn't personally but i'm just not a big fan of winny.

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    take it at 50mg ed for the last 5 weeks finishin 2 weeks after the last shot of test,wat form of test are you takin?cant remember wat you said in the last thread?the winny will harden your gains up goin straight into pct,your joints should not be affected that much coz your takin the deca .

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