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    what to do after a competition

    what to do post competition. i am going to be competing may 11 and i have drop 40lbs to aquire the right condition for my show. i wanted to know what i should do to throw some weight back on but without gaining too much fat. also i started about 5 weeks ago with winny 50mgs/d fina 50mgs/day and eq 400mgs/week i am going to stop my gear right after the show. but should i jump right into some test and dbol or should i just eat like crazy and go natural until a fiew months before my next show?

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    I would definitely give it some time off to get ur system back up and running...

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    after a show i eat everything in site....i gain like 6 pounds only on my plane trip back home after the show.....after sever dieting to less then 6 % your body will respond like crazy to just food under the effect of insulin ,take 2 -3 weeks off eat like crazy ...stop the hormones,recover then maintainance calory diet (iso caloric) ,,,till you can get an erection easily for a month or then go for the next cycle..thats what i do anyways
    good luck bro,its nice to find competing bros. around ,i will sure need your support and help oneday
    keep us posted.

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    What show are you doing May 11th?
    How tall are you and what weight class do you plan on competing in?

    2 weeks after your last EQ shot you should hit the clomid
    200 to 300 first day. Then down to 100 a day for a week. Then down to 50 a day for 7 to 10 more days see if the nuts get kicked back in.

    I'm headed to Pittsburgh tomorrow for the May 4th show.
    Then to the Powerhouse May 11th.
    Is this the show you are doing?

    Good luck to you,

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    Rukkus, I would not stop your gear for 8 weeks after the show, When you start eating everything under the sun you seem to make the best muscle gains. I myself will switch to cyp and dbol after my show I will dose pretty heavy an then come off eight weeks later, when my lifts have exceeded what they were post dieting. Anyway good luck, hope it all works out. SO MY OPINION IS STAY ON AND EAT LIKE CRAZY as well.

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    I take time off just because i needed a break, but Dr. D is right your build looks completely different after show and you make great gains. and heard of more than one doing cycle right after show and making great gains.

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