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    Ok guys I am taking sust 500mg for 10 weeks. I am done with week one and i don't have access to any more steroids for another 3 weeks. But I want to stack something with the sust. What would be good for me to take from week 5-10. MY goals are to gain about 30 pounds and go up about 60-70 pounds on bench. I am 5'9 210. I have only takin one cycle. I took omnadren and i gained 40lbs and my bench went up 70lbs so these gains aren't ridiculous for me. But could someone just tell me what i should stack in week 5-10 to get me some big gains. I was told only to take dbol at the beginning????

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    i'll bump this one for others to reply

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    you could use test prop---since sus has a 3-4 week life in body after last injection.
    you can use d-bol but it better at begining
    so if want huge size---and i was in same boat as you i would do d-bol last 4 weeks of cycle going 6 weeks with d-bol(2 weeks longer than sus) and also maybe prop last 4 weeks going with 2 weeks while on d-bol then 2 weeks alone then start clomid

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    put the dbol in the back instead of the front

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    40 lbs? How much was lean mass and how much fat? How much did you keep?

    Throw some d-bol in at the back end and plan the next cycle fully before you start!

    By the way HELP!!!!!!! is a lousy subject line for a post! It's better to ask the question that you want answered so we know by reading the subject of we an help!
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