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    Question Test and EQ Question......

    After researching, it seems that clomid needs to start 17-21 days after last EQ injection, and 2 weeks after last Test injection. So, I am assuming starting clomid 17 days after both are ended in wk 10 would be ok. Any different advice?

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    You've got the right idea...It's 2 weeks after your last shot of test or 3 weeks after your last shot of EQ, whichever is longer...If you are taking your last shot of both on the same day, then wait 3 weeks and start clomid...

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    I knew it!!!!, I got some mixed information about EQ, but I always thought it was 21 days, I'm glad I read AR everyday. I'm planning on running my Test Enant. for an extra week so both EQ and Enanthate finish at the same time, that's why 10 and 11 weeks, I also add Stanol V in a way that my last dosage will be the exact day before the first Clomid day, that way they all end up at the same time getting the most synergistic effect out of the three compounds. (I'm on week 3 now).

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