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    My Oline buddies stack. Need Help!

    Whats up,
    My buddy is 6'1" 281, between 18%and 20% BF, strong as an OX. For his summer cycle we were thinking:

    And here is the problem-What type of test? We need one that is out of the body in about a month.

    We have plenty of Armidex. Plan on making this a 6 week cycle. Thanks any suggestions would be great!

    Ta TownBacker

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    testosteron propinate, it has a half life of two days if im correct, im sure somene will post some huge medical research article here for you on prop, but my opinion, it rocks, i have done fina and prop together, your buddy will be the o-line after this, good luck

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    prop or suspenion, faster the ester better for cutting less water.

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