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Thread: Bridge cycle

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    Bridge cycle

    Your opinions on the following:

    Is it necessary after coming off a 12 week AAS cycle to bridge. I am hoping to put on 15-20 lbs of sold mass on a cycle of the following: Test Ent, EQ, Airimidex, Winny and Clomid (wks 13-15).

    Any thoughts on an 8-10 week bridge cycle of Clen or Cytadren . or a stack of both to block the cortisone receptors?

    Additionally can I then hit another AAS cycle, or do I need to wait?

    Thanks for your advice.
    Shoot high,

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    clen yes, cytadren , no... make sure you are doing 2 on 2 off with the clen interexchanged with ECA.. also, don't do another AAS until u have atleast a full 12 weeks off the last injection...

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    make sure to take time off bro, time off equals better gains when you start again

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