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    Please Make an Effort!!!!

    I know most of you guys don't do this so this doesn't pertain to you. But to the "newer" members do some RESEARCH. The board has a search function and it isn't very hard to use. At least put something together with some reason and thought behind it. I can tell you that I will not answer any questions about "here is what I have how should I cycle it" BS. Most of the ppl on here did ALOT of reading to know what they do and IMO it is extremely disrespectful to try to take advantage of their knowledge when you are unwilling to help yourslef.

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    I Second that KS...if you have a basis of a cycle and want critiquing that's one thing, but to come on here and ask "what should I use and what will it do to me"...welll that gets quite redundant. Performing a search is one of the best and easiest methods of learning here.


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