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Thread: test is best..?

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    test is best..?

    I just wanted to see what you bro's think of just doing a test only cycle. Past experience- how it compares to other 1-juice-only cycles... that kind of thing.

    I just started on my third week of an enth. 750/week cycle (with liquidex). i would have stacked it but I'm haveing some cash flow problems right now.

    So far it seems great- I'm up to 176 from 170. Feeling stronger and looking better. Pretty much just getting that nice juice-filled feeling at the gym again...
    it actually seems about equivalent to 40mg/day of d-bol. And my test levels haven't even maxed out yet- so it should be getting even better..

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    I think if you were to do a 1 steroid only cycle...test is definitely the way to go should be the base of any cycle IMO

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    Just like D3 said it's the way to go. Just wait, in the next 2 weeks you'll start to put on pounds. IMO it is THE bulking roid.

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    I agree with the other bro's...TEST IS THE BEST!

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    I like test especially with my EQ

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    Test is a great base and should be your base every time, no doubt. Test alone will give you great gains, but after the cycle is over you will most likely lose the gains you made. A few of my buds went on Sustonon only cycles, one gained about 20lbs but lost nearly all of it, about 15lbs.

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    did they use clomid GChild????? my buddy did Test Enth only, gained 22 pounds, kept 18.

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    I think a lot of what you keep depends on individual response and your bodys natural ability to fend off cortisol. I don't respond all that well to test. I do gain some size and a little bloat but the sides and gains are always minimal unless I use an anabolic like deca or E.Q. I guess my genetics suck but what can you do.

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