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Thread: Too long???????

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    Too long???????

    Is taking 500 mg a week of sust for 12 weeks too long to be on that strong of an androgen or is it ok????

    also do guys think it would be a good idea to take a 10 week cycle of deca after my cycle is over too harden the water weight and keep more of the gains i made from the sust??

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    most people do 10 but 12 is fine IMO...however as far as the Deca goes..i hope you dont mean as soon as your done with test..time on=time off always bro=\

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    10 is an average, 12 is not outrageously long. The longer you are on AS, the longer your natural testosterone production is supressed: thus: 1) the smaller your nuts get and 2) the harder to get your natural testosterone production back up.

    Do the cycle, see the results you have. Post-cycle you should lay of AS for at least 12 weeks, maybe even six months. Use that time to plan your next cycle. Unless you are a pro, there's no reason to plan you cycles that far in advance!

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