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Thread: How many Nolvas

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    How many Nolvas

    For a first cycle how many nolvas would i need to buy to be safe Dont know how prone to gyno i am but if i can get my hands on it am also gonna take liquidex So how many pills should i purchase and whats the correct way to dose if symptoms occur I read somewhere that you take 80mg the first day 40mg the next and 20 ED until you are done Is that right???? im planning on running dbols ethanate and equipose for ten weeks at 400mg each and 30mg for the Dbols

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    I'm running 20 mg ed full cycle but Im prone to gyno.

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    Unless you are prone to gyno I would say just run the liquidex/armidex through your cycle and keep the nolv on hand in case symptoms appear. Although I have been under the impression that armidex is overall better than nolvadex for running throughout a cycle. Recently Bex's post seems to maybe saying otherwise, any opinions?

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