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    does it matter when you stick?

    I am about to start an equ cycle, and need to do 2 injections a week. I was planning on injecting on tuesdays and saturdays, but I am wondering if i should do both of them on training days. I go to the gym mon-sat, i lift and do cardio mon, tues, thurs, fri and I do monster cardio sessions only on wed/sat and i take sundays completely off. Should i be sticking on different days to get the most out of the juice or is it just a matter of having it in your body? hope this makes sense.
    thanks in advance.

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    doesnt matter just try to divide it up i will be doing monday and thursday...

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    no bid deal just try to stay way from the muscle group you are working.. you'll unstand that after you do a couple shots..

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    Originally posted by Gear101
    no bid deal just try to stay way from the muscle group you are working.. you'll unstand that after you do a couple shots..
    Really???? I love the pump I get from the Eq when i inject before I train. Even in the same muscle. I actually always have my best workouts right after it take my injection.

    As for tues and Sat. Thats totally up to you but my opinion is to inject on the days you are working out. Give it a try you will LOVE the pump you get.......

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    Re: does it matter when you stick?

    Yes. It's best to do it when you're awake.

    Past that point, it's a matter of personal preference. Obviously, if you're going to do large doses, split your shots so you don't push too much solution into any one site at once. Using two specific days per week or doing it every 3 or 4 days per se will help you avoid theeak-and-valley effect of certain drugs and will make your results more consistent.

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    what tnt said

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