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    Dbol/deca/sust..Now drug test, HELP..

    I just got a court order to random drug tests from a drinking and driving incident. I am about to start a nice heavy bulk cycle of deca /Dbol /sust.. Should I not take these now, I wouldnt want to break probation. But I just bought all these goodies. Also the courts said they will test for alcohol, now isnt that almost impossabile to dedect? I need some serious first hand experence on this matter. I have no idea what kind of tests they will do and when. Im guessing the piss, and mabee a hair sample. thanks brothers.

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    I didnt know you could test for alcohol. I doubt it.

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    drug tests

    if its a drug test for probation then your fine. I know from
    first hand exp. cause i'm in the same boat . They don't test
    for testosterone . They don't have the equipment

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    you can test for alcohol--thats what a ba is blood alcohol and they can do piss test for it but its out of piss quick----but i dont think they test for juice---thats a hard test

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    they will not be testing you for steroids . they are going to be looking for recreational drugs.. you will be fine

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