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Thread: My first cycle

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    My first cycle

    How does this cycle look for my first cycle, and what should kind of gains should i keep about, if i eat correct and lift 6 days a week:

    D-Bol - 35/mg ed for 4 weeks
    Test - 400/mg ew for 10 weeks

    creatine post cycle

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    10-20 keepable lbs.

    Make sure to have anti e's and clomid BEFORE you start.

    I'd drop training from 6 days, to 5 days. You grow when you rest, and on a bulker, the more rest, the more you'll grow. Make sure you are eating enough as well.

    Good luck bro! Your first is always your best, make it count.

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    add in deca or eq and you got a great cycle ... drink plenty of water while on dbol and eat lots of CLEAN protein.
    good luck

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