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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    What do you guys think?
    8 weeks equ 500-600mg?
    anavar 10tabs/day
    gh 4iu's/day? 5days/wk
    I weigh 186lbs,5'9. Last cycle
    4 months ago was deca 400, sus500,anavar 8tabs/day. My goals are to gain a couple of pounds but get shredded.
    I know gh is expensive but I got some kits so I figure Ishould use them some time. Don't want to take slin or T3 but will take a light thyroid activator. Please comment I value everybody's opinion.

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    How were your previous cycles? Did you not make any gains? If you had made gains in the previous cycle, I don't thing gh is needed. EQ/anavar and some test should do the trick. Plus you are still young (24) enough to experiment gear without the hGH. You should be able to find a stack to achieve your goals without it. Save the hGH for your "golden years".

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    save gh for as long as you can and it works a lot better with slin

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