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    May 2002

    sus, deca, winny

    i'm gonna be doing a ten week cycle of sus and deca .
    sus250/ 500mg/w
    deca200/ 400/w
    i also have 7 weeks worth of winstrol and was wonderin
    when i should throw that in? And what kind of gains should
    i see from this cycle?
    5'9/155/7.5% bodyfat

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    daniel v is offline New Member
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    May 2002
    dirty jerse

    Question whatelse????????????

    other than winstrols what else will SHREAD ME LIKE WINS. My man is slackin and i need 2 start shreadin up. help me out i need ur opion!!!!

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    daniel: Try fina instead, you can get it quicker, easier, cheaper, and safer. Plus it is more potent.

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