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    Question Training while on cycle

    I am about to start my first cycle of winnie and deca . I was wondering if i should change my lifting routine significantly or generally keep it the same. I already am lifting in the 8-12 rep range and have a good training split. My goal is to gain good solid, size and mass, (with respect to the cycle ) any recomendations as far as rep range and duration of resting in between sets. With out recomending other things such as test, that i need to add to the cycle. Thanks

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    Dude...why did you post this twice? Just sit back and relax...someone will help you out...have patience.

    What does your cycle look like? How long, what dosages? Do you have clomid for post cycle? How is your diet?

    As far as training...just listen to your body. You should maybe drop your reps to 6-8 (my preference), your recovery time will be decreased so you won't need as much rest between sets. Just be careful...your strength will increase but if you go too heavy too soon your joints and tendons could get strained...don't let your egeo take over.


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