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Thread: stupid question

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    flexshack is offline Member
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    stupid question

    sorry for the stupid question but is it okay to inject into a hairy ass? should it be shaved first? thanks

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    Mike Guest
    Don't worry bro you're not the first to ask - inject away - just swab it w/ alcohol

    And whether or not you should shave....well thats up to you - ya kinky thing!

    (no you dont NEED to - doesnt matter)

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    two people on earth actually asked that same question?if i ever hear someone ask that again i'll start shoving my e up my ass instead of swallowing it.thats' insane. bootie bump baby,hahaha

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    Mike Guest

    I'll BUMP this thread LOL

    And yeah it was on the old board - if I remember correctly I think that question may have even been asked TWICE!

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