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    Question 5-androstenediol

    i know everyone hates pro-hormones.
    but i keep on reading the benifits of 5-AD like improved imune system, faster recovery etc..
    and i was wondering is it worth getting not to replace steroids just to use in the meanwhile.
    also i know many people are going to say why don't you get the real steroids. ive got access to them i just dont want to use them just yet.because im going to start steroids in jun-sept 02 and just wanted thaughts from users or anyone else who has an opionion on it.
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    Where are you getting your info? If it is from ads, I would disregard much of it. If you are young, eat and train right and get enough rest I think you will be happy with your results without any prohormones. The prohormone industry is IMO a big scam - all of it. What they dont tell you is that you must take these things every 2-3 hours because of the half life of this crap. That much would be pretty toxic to your liver. Wait for the real stuff!

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    Bro all prohormones suck, they are a waste of money. All of the products of hyped up by the company and when you read about the product it sounds great but in reality they are worth-less, trust me bro, save your hard earned money.


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    All of them SUCK, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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