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    Planning Next Cut Cycle

    im planning ahead to cut up after my bulkcycle on d-ball,test and deca is done, im 240lbs 5 foot 11, worked out on and off most of my life, this was my 1st cycle so far can you suggest a good cut of just injection kinda wanna stay away from pills but will if have too moderatly, was thinking about taking clen instead, but you probably wont get the gains you would from roid

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    wrong place!!!!!!

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    wrong forum it in the steroid questions forum...good luck

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    imo, one of the best cutting cycles is test prop and tren acetate. tren is for sure one of my favorite drugs cause it makes you very strong and yeilds very keepable gains, its pretty cheap too if you know where to buy it. clen is the bomb too cause it helps you keep the majority of your gains at the end of a cycle, and it also helps burn fat fast.

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