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    Letro or liquidex during cycle

    Hey guys, into week 3 of cycle, lovin' it so far
    D bol 40mg/ day week 1-4
    deca 400mg/week 1-10
    test e and c blend 600/week 1-10
    winnie 50mg ed week 9-14
    clen week 12-16
    nolva for pct, hgc if needed

    What I want to know is from your experiance, what should I use during my cycle to prevent esrogen related sides(mainly gyno) not so worried about water retention or bloat. Would you use lero or liquidex, arimidex ..ect..?

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    aromasin is stronger, 85 % block.

    arimidex or letrozole are ok too, 75-80 % block.

    aromasin + faslodex 100 % annihilation.

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