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    doing roids with BF too high

    I have read alot about peoples opinions about getting your bf below 15% before going on aas. Well here is my 2 cents worth, I have bf of 20% give or take, I have cycled in the past and train very hard both in martial arts and body building, am in 4th week of a cycle of anavar , deca and test enth, i was close to 25% bf when i started my cycle and i am at 20% or lower now, a huge jump, I am 35 years old, and in my 20's keeping the fat off was just a matter of changin my diet a bit and uppin the cardio, i used to compete nationally in taekwondo and had to make weight for each competition. But in my 30's its a totally different game, it's not just as simple as less calories in than burning, if your body is out of balance because of stress or thyroid problems etc. then you can workout in the gym 24/7 and cut calories with minimal results, I know this first hand, i was eating right and doing 2 hours min a day of cardio with minimal results. I seen a nutritionist and found out that because of stress from being on the go all the time with a business and family that my body was producing too much cortisol causing my body to store fat around my belly, with the proper supplement, this fat is now dissipating. So for me being on aas has helped me put on muscle, in turn increasing my metabolism, in turn shedding fat in turn boosting confidence etc. etc. etc. So in my opinion aas can help shed fat, any thoughts

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    yes, certain compounds can increase fat loss. dieting is a biggie too, as for why most say to be lower than 15% i think thats just a nice number people tend to use, most people have a 2-4% higher fat percentage than they think they are. so dont worry, its just to see the gains from the juice its best to be lean as possible, so you know if your gaining muscle instead of fat.

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