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    Starting my first tren cycle hopefully soon

    Been gone from this board for about 2 months due to a cervical disc injury. I am getting back into my normal routine finally. Before this injury happened, I was preparing my next cycle which would be tren d, test e and drol. This is about my 6th cycle, but the first time that I will be using tren.

    Here is what I want to try, just to see how the different compounds effect me. I was going to start drol for 2 weeks, total 6 weeks, then after 2 weeks, add the test in, total about 14/16 weeks for the test, then after 2 weeks after starting the test, add in the tren.

    My thoughts on starting this cycle like this is too see how I react to the different compounds and also to ease my body into the cycle. I notice that when I start everything at once, the sides hit pretty hard. Mainly my cardio vacular takes awhile to get used to it and my hormones get out of whack for the first couple of weeks.

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    To see how you react to a compund, it should be added to a compound you have already tried, one that you know how you react too. Start then all at once and only go 4 weeks with drol. If you've never used drol before, don't try it with your first run of tren . Only try one new compound at a time.


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