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    Why cant i eat......

    im on a prop/tren cycle and i love it except i have no appetite, i struggle to finish a meal. that is pretty sad because thats all i used to do was eat,even after an intense workout i have my PWO shake then dont feel like eating all im trying b-12 now but still nothing. ive donr trn before but not prop .never had an eating problem before...

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    I get that shit too, I eat very small meals every 1.5 hrs, takes about 2 weeks but appetite gets going and I can increase the size of the meals gradually. Always happens to me in the beginning, stick with the b-12, after some time it started to help me I believe.

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    tren does that to me. i have to force myself to eat because it kills my hunger. as soon as i stopped the tren last cycle my appetite came back. don't know why though.

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