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    HCG pregnyl needles needed

    can anyone tell me what are the needle gauge and size
    needed for HCG ? also how does one calculate dosage needed
    let's say for example someone on 500mg of test cyopiate with some
    primo 200mg for 1 month and a half. How much IU of HCG should be used after the cycle mentioned above? and for how long should it be used?

    I read that taking too much could damage natural test production, would
    500 IU be too much?

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    A 6 wk cycle doesn't need HCG , shelve it and use it for a cycle that lasts longer, say 12 weeks or more.

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    For me cypoinate does not even start to take effect until week 6. I'd never run cyp shorter than 12 weeks.

    As shortie said hcg is not necessary for a 6 week cycle.

    For hcg, I use a .5" slin pin and inject the hcg sub-q. Some inject intramuscular which would require a 1" needle.

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