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    Gyno but its a little to the left???

    Hey bros,
    I had gyno removed from both... They were not too big... So now even after the surgery from my last cycle again i got a small lump under my left nipple, which has went down and is really small..

    Ok so I have been noticing lately under my right one i do not fell anything right under the nipple but alittle to the left of the nipple i feel a big lump..Could it be scar tissue from my last operation. It does not feel like the original lumps because they were right under my nipple i had but could it have formed alittle to the left because of my original surgery.. Could it be just fatty tissue.. It does hurt alittle when i touch it but that could be the scar tissue right?

    Help?? thanks...

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    start taking some proviron and nolvadex and then consult ur doctor

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    i get sore lumps around the nipple, not directly behind it. get letro and nolva.

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