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    Pls critique my diet/training choices

    I understand that I will probably be flamed pretty bad for some of the decisions i've made but I would still like to get everyone's input on some of them. First off, a friend and I did a pretty good amount of research and due to availability we decided to start a Dbol only cycle, taking about 1000mg of milkthistle ed and having all the proper pct available(nolva/clomid). I am about 212lbs and I have been on my cycle for 1 week now, I have been training pretty consistently for about 1 year. My weight so far has been pretty consistent due to loss of body fat/muscle gain. My main concern is losing more body fat around my midsection, I assume this will be tough on a Dbol only cycle. I just measured my arms today and they have grown 1/4inch since the beg. of the cycle. My diet consists of first thing in the morning:40g protein gnc shake, about 9:00 am another 20g protein shake, i work out from 11am-1pm and then have another protein shake. I dont really have time for lunch so i wait until i get off work at about 4 and usually have a ft long subway chicken breast sandwich. Then i go home and have about 2 chicken breasts at 7pm or so. then right before i go to sleep i take one more 20g protein gnc shake. I also frequently make my shakes with skim milk for some extra protein. And some mornings i have a small container of yogurt. I would like advice on changing up this diet to increase my energy for workouts and ensure that the protein gets to the muscle as quickly as possible. also i would like tips on when to do cardio for most effect fat loss without losing some muscle, Thanks in advance for your help and please don't flame me too bad.. Btw the buddy im doing the cycle with is drinking beers on the weekends which i advise him not to do, can you guys reiterate the dangers so he possibly will stop.. Thx..

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    this should be in the diet form.

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