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Thread: --gut Myths--

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    --gut Myths--

    Hey whats up guys, do any of you know the real reason for HGH gut. Does only HGH cause that or can dirty steroid do that too. Thanks


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    All i know is white castles is to blame 100% for my gut dilema. Curse them....curse them all.

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    The theory goes (And Im not sure if there is actual proof of this) that since GH is growth hormone it makes everything grow, including internal organs. It is the internal organs which press on the gut making it stick out a bit.

    Having said all that I am pretty sure that IF this does happen it would only happen at very high doses, otherwise there would not be doctors giving the stuff out! (Watch Ron Colemans gut in the next year or so!)

    As for AS doing the same, Im afraid Im unsure. Logic would suggest a similar thing could happen, again with very high doses I would suspect. As for dirty gear - I would be more worried about infections than roid gut!!

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    One more time.......there is no scientific evidence supporting the myth of GH gut. This all comes from the results of several studies that found an increase in body mass without an increase in muscle mass in users of hGH alone. Some attribute this to increased bone density, some to increased thickness of connective tissue, some to water retention, and one study that SPECULATED that internal organs had grown.
    Most of you are too young to remember this, but 15 to 20 years ago, when I competed, this phenomenon was called "steroid gut". Pro's were just beginning to use massive stacks of androgenics and anabolics. Personally, I think it is a combination of faulty ab training and water retention.
    I'd be happy to post 30 or so GH research citations that are inconclusive on this topic if anyone is interested.

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    Well, ironmaster, as much as I would like to read 30 medical papers in my spare time, I think I'll just take your word for it.

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    Im with AJAX, I will take your word for it as well!

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    I would have to agree it's a combo of things but especially slin+GH + huge amounts of gear, but main factor seems to be genetic some get it some don't i have a feeling they all use pretty much same thing.

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