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    Can I start Winny now?

    I have pretty much completed a full cycle of deca /testE as I am now on the 11th week. I have been taking 500mg of each per week. I stopped Deca after the 10th week and will discontinue the usage of TestE after the 12th.

    Now, I had no intentions of incorperating Winny into my cycle, but a friend of mine just scored a couple of 10ml vials and was wondering if it is too late in the cycle to begin taking any winny.

    I noticed on the steroids .com main page (Under novice cycles I) that Winny could be used near the end of this particular cycle but starts around week 7.

    So, what do you guys think? To do or not to do. If choose "to do," what is the recommended dosage per week and for how many weeks? At this time, I am very happy with my results, but woudn't mind being a little more cut up for the holidays when I go home to see everyone.


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    you can still use it, gofor it, i used to take 50mg everyday, used it for 4-6 weeks at the end of my cycle

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    The point of no return.
    I'd save it for another cycle.

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    Your choice, both options work. On the one hand begin PCT, try and keep gains, then go back on.....Or continue this cycle with the winny to try and help solidify gains before PCT.

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