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    Test cyp once or twice/wk

    I've done it both ways before, but havent done it just once a week in a few years, cant really remember if there was much of a difference. Anybody else just shoot once a week?

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    I like twice a week, esp at higher doses. Takes what might have been a 4 cc inject down to two 2 cc injects. Shot volume seems to irritate me as much a shatty gear. Also keeps blood levels from rising and sinking so much which can cause more side effects.

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    IMO...2X s/wk. More constant blood levels equals less side effects and a more effective cycle.

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    I personally have done both and prefer the once a week method. I know its all symantics, but i got this thing about feeling a better effect when i shoot 400mg all at once vs 200mg twice a week.

    But again, im not knocking anyone who prefers 2x week either. Personal choice.

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    I guess it is personal choice, but why not do 2x a week?

    I'm doing 2x a week on the theory that it'll keep the blood level more stable. Mind you, I only have to do a couple shots a week. If I was doing more perhaps I'd be tempted to not split it up.

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