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    Back from the dead.....

    one from the lab....

    so i took my crystal fina 2nite and was doing the last half of the recipe to make it suspended and injectable... added the "magic solution" that came with the suckass kit( which i will never buy again) to the crystal and added some oil and popped it into the oven... no problem... took that and filled up a 10cc syringe popped it onto a whatman filter and started putting it into a sterile vented vial... all went well for the first 10 cc's.. repeated and all went well for the 2nd 10,cc's... tried the next 10cc's and man was it hard to get this shit thru the filter... my hands were killing me from pushing. i guess i didn't notice that the filter had come loose somewhat. was pushing and looking to see how much was coming out when.... BANG... i took 2cc's right in the fuking eyes... i freaked and ran to the sink to start eye washing. man that shit burns.. now i have a couple questions...

    is there any trick to get it to go thru the filter faster?
    from the strugle getting it thru the filter the hole in the sterile vial stoper is pretty big.. shld i add ba and filter it into another sterile vial??
    lastly.... are my eyes going to become big and strong???

    thanks for any help... (by the way i am going to post this on the other forum also so i have a better chance of getting some input)

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    dem gonna be some stout peepers!

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