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    New to the board and let me applaud you all

    Absolutely great site, and lots of help here.

    While looking for a site like this mostly all I found was gimmick web pages on "loose 12 lbs. in 2 weeks!Ē "For 19.99!Ē

    Thanks for the great page

    Any way to my question.

    I'm 21 years old; I have lots of experience in the gym, and some in anabolics.

    My question is not anabolic related...yet.

    I started lifting when I was 16, steady and lifted 4 times a day regularly. I went from 132lbs my freshmen year in high school (yes I was a RUNT) to one of the largest guys (built any way) in my school by my junior year, got up to 188lbs of lean muscle.

    Any way I took off some time got comfortable with a girl and fitness became less and less important. Now that Iím sick of my girl I need to get back at it. Right now Iím working out more aggressive than ever. I'm on a 6 day a week schedule working each muscle every 4 days. I'm taking in about 200 grams of protein on my current diet.

    I'm 194lbs right now, about 19% BF, and 6' tall.

    Now the real part.

    I want to get up to 225-230 lbs.

    Should I

    -Eat like a mad man, and watch the fat content, with about 40% protein and 60% carbs for energy to grow rapidly.


    -Get the fat off now and then go on a high carb/protein diet.

    I think it will be hard to get off if I get much more...


    I'm not a slacker, I have lots of self-decipline and can follow diets well, but I don't like my fucking jelly belly either!

    If I go with a high carb/protein diet Iíll be on a 6-week cycle of finalpix-H.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    CYCLEON Guest
    welcome bro - I dont have time fo rthe full response but IMO - id do a 6-8 week burn - u need to get that fat down. no reason that you cant be taking fina during a cutting cycle of course but u need ot do more study before doing AAS.

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    welcome bro, enjoy.........................

    peace bb79

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    The original jason Guest
    I would cut first also I agree with cyc do about 8 weeks cutting up your protein lower your carbs as low as possible I go with about 50 g per day when cutting and it works well for me do cardio in the morning and weights in the evening have a day of on saturday and eat what i want one day cos it refills the glycogen stores usually by friday I feel pretty tired out with no energy to lift but I struggle through. If you are considering a cycle I would look more into something like a test/winnie/equipose/clen cycle or something like that which will help you to preserve muscle while you cut and not bloat you so much but cutting si always more about cv and diet


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    Cool thanks for the adivise.

    I'v been burning for a few weeks already. Eating mostly steamed vegies, fat free cheese, tuna, egg whites, and MEAT!

    Its working good so far, combines with drinking about a gallon of water a day and running before break fast.

    Thanks again,


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    I was planing on doing some winny but i have just one problem

    I'm fucking paranoid! Not cause of health risk, cause of law risk.

    I'v always delt with Fina because of the low law risk. My friend can get me it and suggest a dosage. I'm just always paranoid as hell

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    CYCLEON Guest
    thats a good attitude to keep, especially when considering something illegal. That may not stop you but just take care in your planning.

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    Re: New to the board and let me applaud you all

    Originally posted by J-Dogg
    Absolutely great site, and lots of help here.

    i agree j-dogg, this site is awesome, stick around and you can't help but learn! welcome to the board.

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    Sounds like you got things under control. Welcome.

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