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Thread: hernia help

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    hernia help

    im not really sure if this is the right forum but this weekend i was real sick and was coughing hardcore and i notice a slight pain in my groin area when i cough. i dont feel a lump. none that i can feel or see. what should i do do u think i may have a hernia. i think im jus freaking out but not too sure. should i go to the doc. im gonna be so pissed if i hafta have surgery. should i wait a few days and see how it is?

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    i wld have a doc look at it... u might get a bunch of people saying it cld b this or it cld b that, but the only way to know for sure is to go get it checked out...

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    you would notice a lump that is semi solid protruding from or causing pain in your groin area. give it time to see if the pain subsides. I had an inguenial hernia last year and a hydroseal do a little reaserch on webmd the site is pretty good. Usually you know when you have a hernia because there is some protrusion through you stomach wall in your abdomen or around your groin area. It doesnt sound like you have one and I hope you dont the surgery depending on how bad the hernia is a mother f'er

    good luck

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    yo man you probably strained or pulled a muscle....i had 2 docs tll me i had a hernia but i saw a surgeon and he said i didnt....i took 2 weeks off and im good now

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