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    Besy drugs for edurance?


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    You mean for running or biking? More aerobic exercises? If so then I would have to say EPO!

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    EPO (erythropoietin) is a hormone produced in the kindneys that controls red blood-cell production. It is normally used by people with kidney disease, cancer or aids to increase red blood-cell counts. Athletes and bodybuilders are more concerned with anaerobic threshold. Bodybuilding is largely anaerobic (without oxygen) but muscles still use plenty of oxygen. Red blood-cell count is a major limiting factor of your anaerobic threshold, so if an individual could somehow raise his/her red blood-cell count, they would raise their anaerobic threshold and consequently their anaerobic power. However, the pre-dominant use of EPO takes place in sports requiring a mix of aerobic and anaerobic output...sports such as middle distance running, swimming, rowing, faltwater canoe/kayak and cycling. Hope this helps.


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    Good post Pete.

    Oxymetholone or Anadrol 50 to you and I, is often used by endurance athletes. It has the beneiftcial affect of increasing red blood cell production. Recent new developments notably the non-steriodal hormone Epogen or EPO as Pete said as been shown to increase red blood cell count w/o the extreme side effects of Anadrol 50.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    Before everyone gets on the EPO bandwagon, u should know that if you screw up on this, u in some deeeeeeeeeeeep s**t. If you dehydrate while using it, which is not uncommon when doing an endurance sport, ur blood can turn into globs of jelly - again, not pretty. so do some research.

    Winny is commonly attributed to increasing endurance as well - watch out if by itself tho, in high doses it can cause dry joints. Thats why a-bombs and winny work so nicely together.

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    i think i'm with cyc on this one. unless you're really know what you're doing, stay away from the EPO. the a bombs and winny is an effective and realtively safe cycle

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    more ppl die from epo then not...

    i would just go for some winny.. i mean boxer use it all the does track and field ppl.

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