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    Arrow Best Combo for shear bulk??

    I have taken both test prop and Tren in two different cycles and i put on around 25lbs after my first cycle. My second cycle didn't have as much success but still did work. My question is what combo of juice is the best for puttin on alot of bulk. Besides HGH what combo would work best...either injectable or oral? Thanks

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    test deca drol with some igf-1

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    there is no "best". individual response varies.

    compounds that will generally add significant mass:
    anadrol - particularly if you have high IM fat response
    insulin - not reccomended
    Testosterone (without an AI)

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    Considering that from your profile I gather that you're a rather young'n...

    I'd say that if you're looking to put on bulk, your best bet would be:

    Test E or C @750mg/wk 1 - 15
    Deca @ 600/wk 1 - 12
    Anadrol @ 150mg/day 1 - 5

    That is a kick ass bulking cycle for someone your age. That and a 5000 - 8000 calorie diet. If you don't gain serious weight from that, then don't blame the 'roids, blame your diet.

    Personally, if you were looking to gain lbs, why go with Tren ?

    Forget the IGF and HGH at your age!

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