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Thread: Extending cycle

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    Extending cycle

    Origionally i planned to run a 10 week cycle of test cyp 500mg and Eq 400mg ive deccided to run the test for an extra 3 weeks and the eq for 2 weeks. I am also considering adding winstol 6 weeks. I will be starting week 9 on thursday so if i start running the winny then can I start PCT immideitly after last shot. That should be 2 week after discontinuing test and 3 weeks after Eq?

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    Also, how much am i looking to spend on 6 weeks of winny @ 50mg ed. I havn't talked to my supplier about it yet but i check out the prices @ Steroid .com and its saying
    $15-$22 for a 50mg amp! Damm that is steep!!!!

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    yes u can start pct after 3 weeks of eq & 2 weeks of test good luck with ur gains

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