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Thread: Slight Delay!

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    Slight Delay!

    Hey guys i was gonna start my cylce the first of this month but i had a slight delay! I wrecked my streetbike and broke my coulerbone! My question is does anyone know how long it will be before i can lift heavy again. The doctor said about 4 months. What juice do you think would help the recovery time, when im able to lift again!

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    Deca Durabolin . You'd be better off lifting for reps as you start lifting again to build not only the muscles but the connective tissues (ie tendon:connects muscle to bone). Deca is great for connective tissue buildup. No drug is going to make the bone itself stronger for heavier lifts. You need time and I suggest you do it right or you'll screw up something else. HGH builds bones but not in a capacity that'll help you with respect to this incident. Good luck mending.
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