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    Say if you are going to do a cycl of cyp/dbol 20cc of cyp250/100-dbol. I want to talk 2cc of cyp every 7 days. Dont no how many dbol should i take per day? 10 week cycl. OH YA will I need nolvadax? THANKs HARD ASS.

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    the cyp will be run at 500 mg a wk,take 1 cc sun 1 cc wens
    as for the dbol it should be taken at about 40 mg ed so that means you only have enough for 12.5 days you need to run it for 4 wks so you have to get 124 more anything less will be worthless
    you can get away with 35 mg ed but that means you still gunna have to get more any way.
    im assuming you have 5mg pills

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    you def. need more dbol bro...i would run 40 mg for 4 weeks...weeks 5 and 6 run 35 mg

    run the test like this for 10 weeks.. 1 cc monday 1cc thur.

    yes you will need to havenolv on hand get about 30 tabs but onbly take if you see or feel signs of gyno..

    have 28 clomid ready for post cycle.

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