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    What is...

    Hi guys
    1 quik question what's a Deca Dick???
    does it hurt?because someone was talking about a deca dick

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    Limp dick! No thats not a shot at you thats what deca dick

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    man,thats some funny shit!!! lol!!! on the serious note,as all of us more experienced "suppliment users" know,that is one of the setbacks with juice,which is either sometimes getting a limp dick,or not being able to maintain a hard on.this goes away over time and is always near the end of a cycle,or at least thats been my experience anyhow.(dont get scared though,because its temporary....)whats funny about this is that when you first go on,you will get hard ons that last all day long sometimes,and happen when you least expect it(kinda like when you were 13 years old sitting in class-we all know about that one!!lol)and will be super horny at first,then it subsides,and then,decadick..oh well,nothing good ever comes easily,now does it.........

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