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    another site

    today i stumbled across a site with a message board exactly like this . anabolicworld . it was weird it took me a second to figure out i was somewhere else . is there any connection ? anyway i just realized that im gonna need 5 double serving protein shakes every day to get my protein intake to 2g / lb body weight and i already feel sick . isnt this gonna make me fatter than shit . i already have some spare tire going on ?

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    LOL...spare tire action!!! Sorry, not laughin at you, just the way that sounded was hilarious. You don't have to drink all your protein intake. Actually, liquid diets are really not advisable because it makes your digestive system basically go on vacation. And when you eat a solid food again, your body wont be able to digest it properly. Have 3-4 whole food meals, and 3-4 shakes.


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