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Thread: fake or real

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    fake or real

    got some mthanabol BD from a new source. theyre 10mg/500 tabs. they look exactly like the pic the originnal jason has on web for BD collection. my problem is they are not in original package neither is the nolvadex or clomid. so does anyone whoes been around the block a few times have a opinion on why

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    Go to their website and findout from them.

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    i hade a guy that use to remove them from there package. then is would reship them.

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    Do they have the silica gel pack with them?? There really is no good reason why they are not in their original package as they are sold in 500 quantity. So sorry can't really answer that for ya. IMHO I don't like receiving gear w/o proper packaging, so I would try and find out why it came like that. Ask your source, if they are trustworthy they will have an honest answer.

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    i ve receive from PE my nolvadex from BD into an other package than the orginal but there had a silicon gel inside and the legit label BD and all.
    You have maybe had an another package than the orginal because into the original there is more than what u ordered.

    There is also the possibility that the source receive a bulk of pills and do them-selves the packages in a legal way.
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