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    ganabol+eguigan, fine to do together?

    would there be a problem using equigan 100 and ganabol in cycle? what i mean is when one runs out start on the other? would that be bad or since they are both equipose would it affect me any differently. my cycle i was thinking about is:

    d-bol- 30mg/day for the 1st 2 weeks
    equiopose- 400/week for 8 weeks
    test enanthate - 500/week for 8 weeks

    what do you guys think about the ganabol predicament and the cycle.

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    EQ is EQ so shouldn't be a problem

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    i agree with eye candy- eq is eq bro, youre good to go. you might want to consider running the dbol for 4 weeks instead of 2 though.

    peace bb79

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