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    I know a British Man and he always delivers the goods!

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    I'd never trust a .com

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    I wouldn't trust a website.....

    If customs gets ahold of your package they will send a siezure notice in the mail, basically telling you they have your stuff and you can come and sign for it. Common sense should tell you to just take it as a loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tork64
    Okay, im not going to mention any websites, but do you think its safe to order from an england website ?

    depends on the site, english are better than american for sure, alos make sure the picture matches authentic dbol

    The site looks pretty real so my question is, are there websites out there that really do ship ?

    yes, i know of a few

    and what happens say customs get ahold of them.

    you get a seizure letter in the mail saying your stuff will be forfeited unless claimed by a certain date

    Again im not going to mention any websites. Thanks for your time.

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