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    ok i am kind of gyno prone and am running a 12 week cycle
    1-12 prop 100 mg ed
    1-7 tren a 50 mg ed
    7-12 winni 50mg ed
    1-12 nolva 20mg ed
    1-12 l-dex .5mg ed

    should i up the l-dex to 1mg or stay at .5mg ed also i recieved some clen today that is 400mcg per ml i have trouble even dosing the right amount out

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    leave it a .25 and see how you go, if you get symptoms then raise the dose. No point wasting it if you dont need to. It is farking expensive stuff. Oh, and dont screw up the Clen dose or you will be very sorry. At 400mcg/ml you are going to need one hell of a fine syringe to measure it

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    IMO add nolva at 10mg along with the l-dex. This way if too much aromatization takes place the ER will be occupied by the nolvadex .

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    I'll say it again, if you are prone to gyno run nolva 20mg ed and proviron 50mgs ed and you got estrogen beat from all angles of attack.

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