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Thread: Farmak prop

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    Farmak prop

    OK guys,
    I have some Farmak prop on the way. They come in 50mg/ml 1ml amps, which just sucks since I want to use 75mg ED. I thought that I might get a few empty vials from AR, open the amps and put the product in the vials and then seal them. Is this a good idea or is the risk of contamination to great. By the way, this is my first run with 50mg/ml prop, I'm hoping that it is as smooth as I hear although I will have to inject a larger volume.

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    yes you can definatly do that, infact alot of people do the exact same thing

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    It is definitely as smooth as you here, it is the only prop that I use now. Starting another cycle (prop, tren , and masteron ) next week and this will be the 4th time I have used it, the only draw back is as you said it's 50mg/ml so I had to inject 3 amps/day but there is zero pain with it. You will like it I am sure.

    And yes, I do the same thing (empty amps into sterile vials) and I have not had any problems.

    Enjoy the rush that the prop brings!


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