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    Question T3/Test Prop or T3/Test E??

    I have two(2) questions here...

    1. Which test would be better for cutting down to go along with T3?? Test Prop or Test E??

    2.If I were to start T3 now to help cut down on fat along with a diet, but could not get my Test Prop or Test E until 2 weeks from now, would that still be ok?What I am saying is, I know the T3 will eat anything it can in your body.So if I use T3 the first two weeks without my Test Prop or Test E, will I loose a significant amount of muscle? or will it be more of fat?
    Please give me your thought...on BOTH questions
    Thanks for your time and for looking
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    Wait 2 weeks, bro. It won't kill you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt2499
    1. Which test would be better for cutting down to go along with T3?? Test Prop or Test E??

    When it comes to "cutting" its all going to be in your diet. Sure prop will give you gains with less water retention but whatever water you may gain from Test E can be easily ridded with the use of Ant-E or AI. Here is an entire thread on it:

    As far as your second question you dont want to rush the weight loss. That may cause muscle wasting as you talked about. I'm not sure of your stats but you can start the fat burning process now then increase it with the T3 when you get on the Prop.

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